Saturday, August 9, 2014

homeopathic medication?

My recent (as in, the last few months) increase in depression led to talking with friends, which this time led to the suggestion of going to a naturopathic Dr, not to necessarily to replace my psychiatrist and primary care provider, but merely to try another angle in addition to what I have tried. So this time, I did. The visit was nice and long (over an hour), which was very nice. He also did some kind of testing where he tested my muscle strength in one hand while having me hold a container in the other hand. This was fascinating because with some containers he could easily pull my thumb and ring finger appart while with a few, I could actually keep my fingers together. I was impressed. I accepted the remedy he mixed up and took my first dose that night. If you are bored, keep reading, because it gets more interesting.

The paperwork instructions told me to be very observant of how my body responded in the next 48 hours, and to continue with the same dose or change it based on my response. This response was presumed to fall within four categories, but the categories did not cover all possible scenarios, mainly, it did not have an option for nothing at all happening. I found that annoying. Now I find it potentially disturbing.

My "results" might have included better days at work, but the better days might have happened anyway - after all, were I to get an unrelated adverse effect never before experienced, I would be asked if there was any other factor in my life besides the remedy that could have caused it.

My other response was feeling like I was on trazedone by around 7 or 8 at night. Not fun, mind you. But that could be from being plain old super tired.

Anyway, after 48 hours, I was feeling much less comfortable with the idea. So I did a little research. And here is the disturbing, almost hillariosly disturbing thing I learned: "Lyss" was enough to search along with "homeopathic" to find that what I am taking is FROM THE SALIVA OF A DOG WITH RABIES!!! Needless to say, I was not happy. I skipped any dose last night after reading that. But then I had a terrible time going to sleep.

So today, I talked to my friend and got just enough reassurance to convince me to take it tonight. Which is considerably less appealing when I think about what is in it! I just have to make it to Monday when I can call the Naturopathic Dr and hopefully obtain more peace about it. And a bit more clarity on the issue.

But can you imagine the response I'd get if the medication sent me into a psychiatric emergency and I went to the hospital and said I had just started taking a homeopathic remedy made from diluted rabid dig saliva?