Tuesday, June 22, 2010

alarm clocks

So, from a blog, I realized that maybe my four alarms set for each work morning was an OCD thing... I cut it down to two when I moved. Aren't you proud of me? Then my counselor recommended one. I did that, too! And then I figured maybe I should cut down on checking to make sure said alarm was set... Not checking the time it was set for when I haven't changed it. Then, silly me, I informed my counselor. So she recommended I not check the radio volume either! So I'll try to only check once each night that it's on in the first place (it's not the kind you have to reset, so I'm fairly safe, except on a first day of waking up to an alarm instead of sleeping in)... Here is my success story. I have a few others. And then I have the, "I'm working on it" story.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exposure and Response... Modification, right?

So, my OCD knows about offering choices. You can... wash slightly more than necessary or check and avoid to avoid the need to wash. So if the counselor encourages not washing slightly excessively, we can handle that (maybe), just as long as the proper avoidance and checking is carried out - and as long as it doesn't rain. Cloudy days are just a little too depressing. Good thing the sun came out again. :)