Tuesday, December 10, 2013

fall semester finished, tv off for the evening...

Well, I'm practicing a new skill under the heading, "Self Control." This skill is called "turning the tv off." You might look at me (or rather, your computer screen) like I'm strange, or grew up under a rock (I've been asked), but let me explain. I just got a digital-to-analog converter for my tv. So now I am in control of a tv in my house that actually can play something besides dvds and videos. After being bored by boring shows, I finally found a few I wanted to watch... followed by a few more. Until I was watching 3plus shows a day. Which might not be so bad if they were 25 minute shows. Actually, some of them are, but in those cases, they show two episodes back to back, so we are back to talking about 3 plus hours.

I do enjoy zoning out that way. Really enjoy it.

But due to practicing my new skill, I have time to blog.

Sort of. Meaning my eyes are tired and should be released from staring at electronic objects.

Anyhow, I just finished my semester this evening! I think I got A- in both classes, which is above my B goal (which was remarkably easy to not be content with). I actually got 100% on the test I thought I wasn't prepared enough for. So that was nice.

Now I have one more semester, and then I graduate.

On the positive progress from OCD side, I managed to sign the graduation application as a natural matter of course (after long deliberations over whether to finish this spring or not, but the application was not a problem). On the still human side, the second paper they sent me to sign reminded me of the intimidating task of finishing and graduating (not sure what is intimidating, except for their very specific language that you must do xyz or you wont graduate). Anyway, I think I'll be able to fill out that paper with minimal distress as well.

Lots different from my worrying for what might have been years over whether or not I had answered the residency question correctly on my application for community college. Why did I worry? I was afraid I had answered it wrong, and that it somehow invalidated my whole degree. Aren't you jealous of my questioning mind? It comes with easy As in many classes, along with needing a few hundred dollars' worth of medication every month. And don't even think you can get my easy As without my mental problems. And that is why I'm not sure that a high IQ is really something we should be to quick to wish on anyone.

Actually, I suppose there are people with high IQs that are free from mental disorders. You can aspire to be one of them, and hope your children will be among them. But I think average IQs are quite fine.

Actually, I've never tested my IQ. Perhaps I have an inflated idea of what mine is. Moreover, I don't know what it is like to have any brain except for my own, so this comparison stuff is a bit silly.

Really? I'm writing this on my blog? Maybe I should turn the tv back on. Just kidding.

Or go to bed and observe the blank wall while I don't fall asleep. Nothing like delayed sleep for the last two nights to make it hard for me to go to bed the third night.

Aside from that, life is going pretty good.


  1. Congrats on your grades and finishing another semester, Abigail! :-) And that's exciting that you'll graduate after just one more semester.

    I hear you on the TV. I have tried to stop the mindless kind of watching where I don't really want to watch the show as much as I just want to zone out.

  2. Congrats on the great grades and finishing the semester! I remember being all nervous about graduation requirements too. But it went without a hitch. I bet it will for you too.