Tuesday, September 24, 2013

caution signals

You know the whole, too tired to go to bed, problem? That's me right now. I'm plenty tired. And taking a shower just seems like too much work. So I'll blog instead, and keep myself up later. Maybe my blog title should go back to being UNreasonably rational.

I'm pretty sure that the stomach flu didn't help things, but I've gotten pretty tired. Add in the growing darkness, chilly weather, and dry skin from hand-washing (and this potentially without OCD hand washing; I tend towards dry skin, especially in the winter). The weekends are too short. School is too much, even though it is only a few hours a week. The children are trying my patience.

And weight! The annoying issue. I still seem to be gaining a pound or two a month, which adds up. But I'm plenty hungry. Plenty hungry. Though that seems to finally be evening out as I get further from the flu. Now I'm simply really hungry and have gotten past the urge to try to fill myself up with potato chips because I was sick of being hungry.

But in short, I knew I was pushing it to take two classes and work full time, but I did it anyway. I could still ask for fewer hours, but I still don't want to. So now I'm a tad worried, but still hoping it will all work out.

But my main problem is just feeling super tired except when I'm at work (the kids keep me more in the moment). So that could still get better.

And I'm working on using my Happy Light more. That should help.

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