Saturday, September 7, 2013

Well, I'm back to working full time! And I finally purchased internet for myself so that I can access it from home. Ah, now I can write late night posts without having to be out somewhere late at night. This may be a blessing, but it might also turn into a problem... (gotta keep some pessimism in my life, you know).

So work is going great. Now I'm trying to settle into a school routine. Actually, it is pretty much like the previous semesters. Mostly, it is much less work than I expected. The information is much less new than I expected (i.e., I probably know 50 - 90% of the information already). Somehow that keeps happening. And there are moments of worry surrounded by lots and lots of procrastination and good grades.

Take right now. My scores are all perfect so far. (positive). I'm approximately where I should be (i.e., a little behind, but not too far). (positive). I'm scheduled to take my first proctored exam on the evening of the last possible day because of schedule conflicts. (negative.) And I have an assignment due in a week and a half that requires 3 interviews, which depends on more people than just me. (negative.) But for the most part, I'm still feeling positive.

Well, that is the end of my brilliance for this evening. Perhaps evening posts aren't such a good idea. Then again, if you like reading short posts, it might be good.


  1. Hi, Abigail--Congratulations on working full time, and I'm so glad work and school are going well. It sounds like things are going well on a lot of fronts, and I'm so happy for you.

    I used to dislike school assignments that depended on me including other people in it, like interviews. But I always ended up learning something new and it usually turned out to be a positive experience. Hope yours does too.

    1. Thanks, Tina.
      I've been trying to think of these interviews as something positive, but I'm having trouble connecting with two out of three people, despite hoping to get the interviews done today and tomorrow... so the worry is creeping around.