Saturday, April 12, 2014

feeling better

Well, my friends, life has gotten better. Who knows if my migraines were scheduled to fade, or if cooking and eating ground beef for several days together, or if drinking water from a mold-free water bottle, or backing off chocolate, or answered prayer, or all or some of these resulted in the migraines leaving, but they have left. I still get the start of them, or something like them but not as strong, or a weaker version of them, but oh so much better.

And remarkably enough, simultaneously, I have regained (for the most part) my ability to fall asleep pretty normally instead of having to listen to the radio to distract my mind from it's rat race etc.

Thus, I have been sleeping more and eating better (until my ground beef sloppy joe mix ran out Thursday). And feeling much, much better. I tend to feel much better when I'm sleeping better, and if I feel worse and add not sleeping, that is just tough.

And I've read enough transcripts this semester to change my writing style, I fear. As if I'm talking. Or rather, as if some imitation of all the various lecture presenters is speaking. I did try to listen to this week's lecture, but waiting four seconds for every one second of play time (interspersed more or less like that) is painful. (Actually, I wouldn't have bothered trying except that the link to the transcript was missing). So I searched for the transcript, and it sounded like (in my head) a different version of the same lecture, because the introductory phrases were in a different order. So maybe the instructor does it live for the on-campus classes and the one video recorded for us was not 100% the same as the one transcribed for us. So I will confess to you all that I might not have read exactly the right words. My OCD is concerned about it. I am not concerned enough to suffer through a lecture delivered in one-to-three second segments interspersed with long moments of silence (well, actually, it is even better than that; the computer delivers the sound for the three seconds of material, then starts the video two seconds in, ending with two seconds of catch-up visuals with silence. Good for practicing lip-reading?).

I am so close to graduating that I can taste it. May 2, here I come.

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