Thursday, March 26, 2015

First dose of my latest antidepressant

I've swallowed the first dose of my latest antidepressant medication. Because i can't remember what I've already written on my blog and because my phone is not loading did previous posts for me to check, I'll back up a bit. The last medication that i was on, i was on it for just under two weeks. It made me sick to my stomach, along with probably adding to my tiredness, and possibly messing with my mood in a negative way (more likely the side effects messed with my mood). So now I've been off of that antidepressant for a week and have picked up the next one my Dr prescribed. And now I've taken the first dose.

Will it make me more tired or more awake? Should i take it in the morning or evening? Will it give me any of the standard side effects? Will it give me the opposite of the typical side effects? Will it help my depression? My anxiety? Will it do nothing at all? We'll have to wait and see.

In the mean time, I think I'll test out whether or not it will keep me awake (so far, it is too early to know, but I've got plenty of tiredness built up through the day and week and month and year. Depression and anxiety are very tiring, as is being a preschool teacher. Goodnight! (Presuming i have the self control to actually go to bed soon.)

Oh, for some unnerving history, I've actually taken one dose of this medication a handful of years ago. The night before I landed in the hospital. Only I was already struggling before i took that dose, so it probably had nothing to do with my hospital admission. Well, except that my primary care provider was the one prescribing my psych meds at that point, and i think he had me cold turkey switch from one antidepressant to this one. I think he told me that since they did the same thing, it should be okay to abruptly stop the one and start the other. If a general Dr told me that now, I'd be suspicious. Actually, at this point I wouldn't want to go to a family Dr for psych meds; I figure my case is complicated enough for a psychiatrist. For all of which, I'm still very grateful to that primary care Dr. When i started my first antidepressant, i was afraid, and it helped that a Dr i already knew and trusted had prescribed the medication.

Enough with the rabbit trails, self! It's bed time!

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