Saturday, September 4, 2010

and the roller coaster goes... up for the moment!

Okay, so I didn't convince myself to actually give up on my sleeping-as-late-as-I-can plan until I had slept in AND had come up with an idea for how to do the roofing on my dollhouse (read "intentional hobby to help the depression"). Then I ate -would you believe it, contrary to my anxiety at the grocery store a few weeks ago at the mere thought of eating something besides raisin bran for breakfast, that today I finished my raisin bran (as in, the bag is empty now) and ate a different kind of cereal for the main substance of my breakfast! And it tasted good - well, good enough. I won't die, contrary to OCD's suggestion. Well, then again, who knows what dangers I am yet to encounter today! We shouldn't be too presumptuous. And the spell-checker said I spelled that right. It wasn't okay with "OCD's". Suggestion was fine, so it seems that the spell checker doesn't like OCD, which is silly since OCD probably gives it more business.
Now if I go back in my blog entries, I can find out how long it took me to get from one happy time to the next. I'm guessing two weeks.
The headaches have let off some. I had one last night, but it didn't hurt as bad. It actually felt really wierd because it was the same one-sided headache, but it hurt differently and not as bad. That probably helps my mood.
I'm going to publish without spell-checking the end.

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