Thursday, September 23, 2010


Happy Thursday. So, I've worked 4 days in a row for the first time since before Labor Day! (okay, so that's really only two weeks of working 2 days each). I did it! And I expect to work tomorrow, which will put me back to working normally (though I'm more tired than normal). Actually, I worked late some of these 4 days, so that's even more minutes for my time sheet.

Now I should tackle eating and being sociable for a little, and then I can rest until tomorrow.

Pets can be antidepressants, but even they have side effects. Possibly I am allergic to my guinnea pig. Possibly he'll die. Am I feeding him well enough? Am I giving him enough fresh water? (He's not reliably drinking from the water bottle yet.) Did I waste my money on him? Should I have not spent that much money getting set up to care for him? Etc. But I still like him and am glad I got him. I guess I'd say he's a good antidepressant and he is an exposure (or multiple exposures) for OCD.


  1. Yep, pets are GREAT for providing exposures! And congrats on doing well with work.

  2. Sounds like your new pet is useful in more ways than one :). Congrats with work and congrats on enjoying your new pet despite what OCD says!