Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I spent a copay that would have paid for gas for a week to see Dr. Allergy Specialist. Only to be given a prescription for a different nasal spray, get more details on the fact that I'm actually not allergic to dust or pets or mold (you know what that means? I don't have to clean my house any more!). And he told me that the one thing off from my blood work was that I was mildly anemic. "I don't know why that would be..." he said. And I'm thinking, I've had that off and on my whole life; I'm not surprised, except that in July, I was fine. So now I can dream of how much energy I might have if I wasn't a bit anemic. "You mean I might stop wanting to sleep 12 hours a day?" Yes, that was what he meant.

So now I can search for suplements that don't cost a million dollars. But really, I've had it off and on, and I don't see so much difference between me with enough red blood cells versus me with less than the standard. I would blame the 12 hour sleep thing, or the light-headed thing. But both of those came after the flu, and my blood test came before the flu.

I could blame my depression on it. Hmmm, maybe a bit of my depression.

Back to the light-headed thing. It's really weird. Like a wave of weakness coming over my head and face. Once it was bad enough I felt I should sit down so as to ensure not fainting. But mostly it's just annoying and scarey. I was supposed to call Mr. Psychiatrist about it today (that's what my mom thought would be best when I talked to her last night). But I've hardly had it at all today. Maybe it's passed. Besides, how am I supposed to describe that over the phone? If it doesn't drive me crazy or convince me it is a significant danger to my health, I want to wait until I see Mr. Psychiatrist next week.

My cold-flu-pink eye is pretty much over, except for one plugged up ear. Silly thing (and that is another explaination for the light headed feeling - dizzyness from the balance thing in my ear. Who knows?).


  1. I know how it feels to waste money on a doctor that tells you something that you already know, I had the same thing happened to me with my herniated disks, and I felt the same way when I got home. I hope you get better from the cold-flu-pink eye.

  2. It may not be related, since you say you've been anemic before. But when I was in college I was anemic, and i was EXHAUSTED. I would fall asleep sitting up at my desk, and every illness (and there were lots!) would drag on for weeks. So it's probably worth trying to shore up your iron and see if it helps. Hope it does!