Saturday, March 12, 2011

My plans got altered after my test Wednesday night. Because I wasn't feeling good. No support group meetings this week, and two days of work missed, and counseling missed, thanks to a stomach flu and a cold (the cold came first and seems to be leaving last). This is actually my first venture back into the outside world, away from my home. And my stomach and I still aren't getting along, but we seem to have a hard time making up with each other after the flu. I get scared of eating. As if I didn't have enough reasons not to eat and to feel scared. Oh, well.

On a possitive note, I had a pretty good week, depression-wise. If I could have immagined what meds working would feel like, it would feel like this (only I'd like a tad more help with depression and a lot more help with anxiety, but this is a great start). My suicidal ideation misteriously and suddenly decreased very significantly, making life much more bearable. The sicknesses have set me back a bit, and I knew I needed to get out of the house today, but all things considered, I'm feeling a lot better.

And with the depression not so overwhelming, I can start to think about fighting the OCD again with ERP. Praise God.

Meanwhile, one of my ears is plugged up and hurting. If I went to Urgent Care today, it would be my third Saturday in an every-other-Saturday pattern for going in for an ear infection. So I'm not going in, because really? that's too much. If it hurts terribly, maybe I'll go tomorrow, or next week.

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