Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a cold

I seem to have gotten a cold. I was hoping that my observing that I have to do for school would be canceled today, but no, it's still on. Nonetheless, reading and commenting on another person's post has me feeling better, so I'll go ahead and post on my own blog, too.

My depression was getting quite irritating Monday, but I got sick with this bug on Tuesday, which offset the depression. Sometimes when I get sick, the depression slides down the priority chain while I'm distracted by my immediate physical symptoms as well as by the daze or fog that tends to accompany such a cold.

I did exercise Monday, though. It was exercise done out of frustration, but at least the frustration fueled something helpful.

I'd better go eat and put on my "I'm okay" face for a few more hours (tried to keep it on at work, but my voice is all croaky, betraying me). (Try raising your voice enough to be heard by noisy toddlers and... sounding bad, but still hardly being loud enough.) (The croakiness kind of took away some of the sound of authority that the kids sometimes listen to a little better.)


  1. I'm sorry you're sick! Take care of yourself and get some rest and relaxation!