Friday, June 8, 2012

Not a superhero

I don't think words can express how glad I am that today is Friday. It was time for the work week to end. I still try to be SuperTeacherCaregiver. If such a superhero existed, I'm sure it would have more than two arms and definately at least two heads. This superhero would be able to intervene in time every time so that no child bit anyone else. That would be really important and save a lot of stress for all the adults involved. If the superhero had any intervention ability left over, it could be used for the less serious squables that the children have. As for the two heads (at least), these would be needed so that the teacher could know everything that happened in the classroom. No socks would ever be lost. No scratch would be left unexplained. Everything would be recorded in the Superbrains (with super memory). Any question about how any child ate, slept, played, etc would be answerable right away with no delay for searching one's memory (and the SuperTeacherCaregiverHero would have 100% recall, unlike me).

As for hands, the SuperTeacherCaregiver needs two per child in the classroom plus two more for cleaning, filling out paperwork, and teaching Sign Language in it's spare time. Oh, and the SuperTeacherCaregiver either needs one huge heart or several smaller ones to care for and love each child every moment of the day.

Wouldn't the SuperTeacherCaregiver look scarey? Like a monster? With octopus arms, multiple heads, wow. I wouldn't enroll my child in that classroom (if I had a child). Not unless the SuperTeacherCaregiver had developed an excellent reputation. And even then, have a monster care for my child? Maybe not.

So maybe it's a good thing that I'm not a SuperTeacherCaregiverHero. If only for cosmetic reasons.

But since I'm not a SuperHero, I need the weekend to recover from all the little or not so little squabbles that I didn't manage to solve in time. I need to recover from my disappointment. I need to rest. And I need to celebrate the fact that I actually got all of them to sleep for nap today! And the fact that it is the weekend. I guess I'm getting redundant.

On the mental health front, I'm still not sure how depressed I am. I know that I was stressing out or something because I had stomach pain off and on through the day yesterday. The kind that goes away with sleep and/or sufficient relaxation. Confirmation that I'm not a superhero and maybe I still am on track trying not to work too much.

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  1. I so enjoy your sense of humor! That SuperTeacherCaregive does indeed sound like she/he would look like a monster.

    I'm glad you'll have the weekend to relax and rest. My stomach lets me know when I'm stressed and tired, too.