Tuesday, May 14, 2013

51% on a quiz

I did it; I got 51% on a quiz.

Which just might indicate the lazy side of my academic self.

Basically, I don't want to be taking this course. But I do want to pass it, so I'll study a tad harder for the second midterm Saturday. I want to get a C in the course. How's that for aiming low (I'm usually an A student).

Actually, I'm hungry, so hungry I'm not quite thinking straight. But I can't blame the test results on that. Too many questions were on things I just didn't know.

Today, I got home from work, and then went to a spur-of-the-moment interview. Hence part of my hunger - I didn't eat all my lunch. Regarding the interview, on the positive, it would have been to work with older little kids. That would be interesting. Nonetheless, I have doubts about if it is the kind of place I want to work at. I'll have to do some more thinking on it, but I suspect I'll end up giving a no, thanks, answer.

I'm looking for a job situation that would have both me and my employer happy. That would be the best, for both of us. So I'll keep looking.


  1. I totally get it. Being a college student is so hard when you struggle with mental illness.

    I actually got so panicky on a final once that I went completely blank and could not remember anything.

    Be proud of yourself for that 51% and aiming for a C even if you are usually an A student.

    I made the Dean's list a few semesters and a few others, I passed classes (math classes) only because of tears, begging and nice teachers who passed me.

  2. It was only my last 2 classes in grad school, working full time, that I finally became okay with using Sparknotes instead of actually doing all the reading.

    And I passed! With OCD we hold ourselves to such a high standard, which can be good, but it is so nice to be imperfect! Congrats on the 51%. :)

  3. Good for you for the 51%. It's a reminder that it's OK not to be perfect. It's hard to study and keep up when you've got something like OCD and/or depression pulling on you. I finally realized that it was not possible for me to do all the reading for my classes. And it was OK if I didn't get an A.