Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Turning over a new leaf?

Well, I found the weekend to be tougher than I expected, until Monday. Saturday and Sunday I was winding down from my busy, stressful week. Saturday, I tried to do alot, too, so I kept Sunday and Monday for rest. But when Monday came, I decided I wanted to clean my house. I just tried to keep my stress level down while I did it. So now my house is almost too clean - it seems that while too cluttery is overstimulating, too clean can be, too. I don't want to mess it up. Actually, I've gone a full twenty-four hours of keeping up with my dishes. Remarkable, really.

But the cleaning and the schoolwork and the new job make it easy for me to get into a go, go, go, go mood. Do this, do that. But right now, I feel better. Me and my computer and the internet. Quite nice.

My former boss informed me that she didn't need me last night, so there was a quick rearranging of my plans (I was planning to work 2 more days). But my new boss was nice and let me come in with my slightly complicated schedule (I still had things scheduled for the afternoons since I hadn't expected to be at my new job yet).

This morning, I got up early enough to do something more than rush around madly before leaving for work. That is part of the new leaf I'm trying to turn over. Well, it worked this morning. Of course, I wasn't very tempted to oversleep since I was waking more and more often to check the clock. Afraid of oversleeping. Occasionally that happens to me.

Well, I'll have to be intentional about rest with my new, busier schedule. If I can do that, I think I'll make it fine. I don't actually have that much schoolwork to do. The rest is the big thing. And I don't mean sleep; I mean relaxing and letting myself be off duty.


  1. Good for you, Abigail, for realizing how important rest is and trying to be intentional about it. You're setting a good example for me, because I need to do that, too. And I would be so better off if I got up earlier every day. I'm on vacation this week, and I've tried not to sleep too late.

    1. I've only managed waking up early a few mornings yet, so don't be too impressed :).

      Sleeping in on vacation is part of vacation sometimes. :)

  2. Yes, relaxing and allowing ourselves to be off duty is so important and I struggle with making sure I give myself this too.

    Take it day by day (I know OCD hates that idea) but sometimes during transition periods like you are in now, if you do just look at one day at a time, it can help.

    1. Good reminder about "day by day" and that OCD won't like such uncertainty. Transitions can just be tough, but I'll get through it.