Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm a student, sort of. Meaning that I work and am a student on the side, whenever I happen to be taking classes, which has been most of the time. I am taking one class right now, which is a bit inconvenient. I have terrible trouble with motivation. The first two weeks of a class are all right, maybe, but I am pretty good at wanting to drop out shortly after starting. Sometimes, if I put enough work into it, I end up wanting to finish (okay, I always want to finish, and so far I always have except for classes I withdrew from before they started or during the first week). But I remember at the community college being so annoyed when we passed the last day to withdraw for the semester. I want to know I have the OPTION! I don't know if I've passed it with this class. I guess I'll try to finish - it was expensive and I payed for it, so I'd like some little words on a transcript saying I finished it with an A. That's what I'd like, but it might be a B. That concern about a B and my not wanting to do the work fuel the wish that I wasn't taking the class now.

Ha! Finished my assignment. I shall not drop out yet!

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