Monday, July 5, 2010

titles post in a different color, and I think I like the color - we'll see

I took a break. One week when my thoughts were not so focused on OCD (I don't mean I didn't have OCD thoughts, I mean I wasn't thinking, "Is this OCD? This is OCD."etc). One weak to enjoy helping with VBS at my church. Okay, by the end I was really really tired. Having a hard week followed by a week of "normal" days followed by VBS evenings when I was responsible for a group of people is tiring. But it was good. Will I do it again next year? Ask me next year.

I am, of course, procrastinating right now. I am taking one college class and carefully putting an assignment off for a little bit longer (16 more minutes would be okay). The assignment was due yesterday, however, so I want to actually finish it tonight. I don't usually turn things in late, but occasionally I like to strategically intentionally do that. Like this time, when I really wanted to go on an all day trip on Saturday when I had been going to complete the assignment. So I'll turn it in today, hopefully, and hopefully get 9 instead of 10 points.

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  1. Your blog looks nice. I have a blog with this template. I love the pastel blue!