Saturday, July 24, 2010

My grades in a class tend to follow a pattern. They start high, might get a bit higher, and then start sloping downward. Take, for example, my current class. Full points on chapter reviews for the first 8 chapters, then 90% on the 9th chapter. That's still not too bad. But this is: I went to write my chapter review today, but had re-studied the ninth chapter. REALLY? Is that what I get for trying to read my text book at 3 in the morning when I couldn't sleep? Now I have to finish the 10th chapter (I have read part of it) and probably come back tomorrow to write it's review. REALLY?

OCD and depression and schoolwork. Think wonderful combination. OCD or depression says, "I don't care." I'm tired and frustrated and sarcastic and think, "I don't care." And then the deadline still approaches, and I'm thinking, I'm not ready for it. I want to take a break! That's what should happen in 2 weeks when the deadlines are passed. So for now, I guess I'd better glare at my school work, struggling not to be 100% stalled by OCD perfectionism.

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