Friday, January 6, 2012

How to cut corners shopping for food? Umm, haven't figured that one out, yet. The biggest danger is that I will loose my appetite and/or not eat enough. I was going to blame that on one of my mental disorders, but my unlabed sister experienced the same thing. I've got it; I can blame it on my genes.

Anyway, I'm testing the internet-found coupon approach, with skeptically regarded results. Wait until after I shop for my update. hmm. I'm having some trouble.

Last counseling session revealed... that I've got lots of anxiety tied up in my religious/spiritual/whateveryouwanttocallit part of my life. Oh, and please don't add the whole, "you're [religion] should change your whole life" thing, because I already know that and am not disagreeing with that. She suggested looking for a new church, and I disregarded the idea because it sounded too stressful. How sad is that. Anyway, I'm not sure I want to leave my church anyway, so that might work out fine.

More, I'm still confused about how my experiences and my beliefs work out together.

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  1. some food cost cutting ideas: shop around the outside of the store-

    potatoes are healthy, cheap and easy to cook if you have a microwave. In my area they come washed too, so you don't have to do that. It may cost a bit more, but if it means you'll cook them instead of munching on some chips the money spent is worth it.

    -eggs are reasonabley cheap too if you divide the cost by 6 (2 eggs per meal) and they are easy to cook and clean up.

    - buy some already cut up carrots as a snack food. They are a little more expensive but coming peeled and washed means they are ready to grab when you want a snack... and forget the junk food.

    - almonds are a healthy snack too, if you don't eat too much at a time! But looking at your pic, i don't think you need to worry about that. They are pretty expensive (compared to a bag of chips) but a handful while you are writing an essay or studying gives you more energy than junk food.

    -buy a box of snack crackers and a box of baggies to create your own snack packs for lunch at school. Then when you want a snack just grab a baggie instead of the whole box of crackers! They cost less than snacks at school. Or use washable containers instead (i'm doing this for my daughter, but can't find containers small enuf to fit her lunch bag.)

    - if you buy lots of ground beef on sale, cook it up right away, drain the fat and put it in baggies ( in one cup or 2 cup amounts). Let cool in the fridge and then put the baggies in the freezer lying flat. When you do meals like soup, pasta, omlets etc. just take out a baggie and there you have enuf for your meal without having to actually do the work and clean up every time.

    Make pancakes- do a lot and then put in baggies for microwaving or putting in the toaster on another day.

    Unless you really hate leftovers, cook extra so the next night you can have a good meal without the work. Or put some in a baggie in the freezer (labeled) for later in the week.

    If you freeze baggies on top of one another first instead of standing them up, then they are like flat pancakes and you can stand them on their side and they don't take up much space at all.

    Ps. i used to have to shop while i was hungry to buy food or i'd come home with not much! After a while it becomes routine what you pick up and you don't have to think on it so much anymore.

    Hope this gives you some ideas!
    Happy studying!