Wednesday, August 29, 2012

thankful for a quiz

There was something so comforting about taking my first quiz in one of my classes (not counting the academic honesty understanding quizes they have decided to add to every single online class). Seeing all the right answers pop out in green, with my one wrong answer in red, with my second choice answer for that question (only you don't get second choices, but if I did) marked as the correct answer. Maybe it's the instant feedback telling me I'm good at something. Ding! You are good at taking multiple choice tests with minimal study time. I guess I can use some of that in my life. Wonder why I don't do that for myself. No, I don't wonder. Here's the reason: it sounds prideful, so it might be a sin. Poof! Here comes Scrupulosity OCD, like a supervillian, ready to hold it's dictatorship over the "possible sin" category of my life.

But let's think more slowly, supervillian. Sinful pride is false pride, and/or putting myself higher than I should be/higher than God, right? Right, conscience? Ummmm, supervillian is here, so I can't answer that question right now. Okay, fine. That sounds like it might be right, but supervillian said you might want verses to back that up.

But I've been thinking about that. Telling myself that I am valuable (true) is a good thing. And why do I think this? Because if I don't believe I am valuable, the resulting actions are undesirable. So telling myself true good things about myself, that is a good thing.

Now that we've settled that little issue...

My counselor asked what I was planning to do this weekend, and I said sleep, and she said that was "taking care of yourself." Which it is. It is sleep for a person who had been sick, not sleep-because-I'm-too-depressed-to-live sleep. I'm not that depressed, anyway, but I have been sick. Actually, I still am, but it has settled more into cold symptoms with tiredness and aches (thus, I have labeled the whole thing together as a flu). Food doesn't always sound good, but my stomach is not as upset. So that is very nice. I'm back to work; the flu bug might make me shorter tempered, but otherwise, I'm hanging in there. And though stronger depressed thoughts attacked a couple times yesterday, the stronger thoughts have not taken up permanent residence at this time. So that is good as well.

In conclusion; I'm thankful for my quiz that I recently finished, for my financial aid that is helping me during this college time, for better health, and for the sunshine I got to drive in today.


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  2. Hi, Abigail, Good job on the quiz! I think it's very important to tell remind yourself of good things about yourself. I'm like you--sometimes the scrupulosity supervillian puts in an appearance, too. Oh, well.

    I'm glad you're feeling better, and I hope you get some rest this weekend so you can heal completely. I remember when I was in college--I was very thankful for financial aid, too!

  3. Congrats on the quiz!

    I'm sorry you are not physically feeling well, but it seems like your spirits are still up and I think it's great that you're so grateful for everything.

    Feel better soon!