Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I keep getting healthier and healthier from my cold. I think I will ride this one out without needing to see the doctor or take antibiotics!

Today, I saw my counselor again. The last few times, instead of wanting to cry near the end, I've ended feeling happy and ready for the world. But a little bit guilty. What if I'm wasting my counselor's time and generosity (the sliding scale rate she charges me)? But as I was typing, I remembered what you have told me before - it's her time and she does get a say in how she uses it. :) Besides, she told me today that she appreciates clients who keep their appointments faithfully (only canceling for sickness or something else reasonable) and who do homework between visits. So we see that my teacher's pet abilities transfer over to counseling. Show up, pay attention, do the work. Of course from my perspective, I see the homework that I didn't do, while she sees the work I did do.

On another note, I have succeeded in scaring myself a little bit by registering on an online dating site. Fear not; I will take the appropriate precautions and not give out my phone number or place of residence, etc. Actually, thus far, I have had very little contact with anyone through it. So at this point it qualifies as an exposure.

Well, maybe I should download my college lessons so that I can study them later... :( Working two afternoons a week has added a sizable amount of stress and energy drain to my life. In some ways, it is exciting, because I can work an 8 hour day! But then, due to the scheduling methods, I can end up working over 8 hours. Yesterday, I worked 9 and a quarter hours. After that, I went home a read a  book. I'll give this arrangement some time and hope I can work the two afternoons of work into the rhythme of my life for this semester, along with these two new classes (and hopefully that distance learning course on Human Anatomy that must be finished by April and floats around the back of my mind like a poster on the wall. Those don't usually float, though. And I need to work exercise in, too. That's a to-do that rises higher and higher on my list.


  1. I think I have teacher's pet tendencies with my therapist, too. I'm glad therapy is going well, and that you're feeling better. It sounds like you have a full schedule.

  2. You sound like me, Abigail. I used to only see the homework that I didn't do, but my psychologist was great on concentrating on what I did do. Plus, she also appreciated that I always showed up for my appointments too.