Friday, September 14, 2012

pretty good moment :)

I have several pieces of good news. One is: I got two of my three medications through patient assistance programs! I am so thankful for that. These two meds cost more than a hundred dollars each month with a prescription savings card but no insurance. So with this assistance, my medications wont cost more than my rent. :)

Another good thing... I"m forgetting it... Still forgetting it.

Well, yesterday, working morning and afternoon went well. I thought, I will be able to handle this. Then today was a rough day. Not so much the kids as me, at least at first. Then I got a bunch of kids, so anybody would be stressed. So part of me wonders if I had more trouble today because I worked long yesterday. I'm still worried about working two afternoons a week in addition to my mornings, but I'm mostly sticking with a somewhat worried, "I think it will work out." And I do. At least, I really, really, hope it will work out. Part of it is just that now I feel like I"m working "enough." So much for learning that I'm an okay person without working "enough." I can understand the concept with other people, it's more with myself that I have this issue.

What was the other good thing?

I dared to join an online dating website. Who would have thought? I finally feel "ready" - for a first date. Not sure about anything beyond that. :) Great progress socially for me, though.

Ummm, I talked to my mom about switching from the gym membership my parents have generously gotten me to taking dance lessons once a week. I think that it might work out better and be more enjoyable. I'm not doing a good job at actually going to the gym to exercise.

I rearranged my tiny apartment so that the heater can actually heat the room when I need it too. :) I just have to finish that so that the whole room is done, not just in a state frozen midway on the moving around process. Oh, well, it works for now. I kept a path where I needed one, my seat on the couch, the basics. So procrastination can be performed successfully. But I want to procrastinate more on my school work than on my house organizing, so I think I will get further tonight.

Ah, I remember what might be the other good thing. I got a proctor set up for my online class tests. And I was bold (for me) enough to actually talk to a librarian so that I can get this done for free instead of paying 15 dollars every time to take it at the local testing center. I was about to give in and just use the testing center, even though it would probably end up costing me something near a hundred dollars this semester. It shows one way that my anxiety can cost me money. :) I'd rather spend money than put in the extra effort and ask a favor of a librarian.  I think I feel like I'm making extra work for her, but I don't feel that way about the testing center, because that is their job, not to mention the money I pay for the service. But my anxiety isn't charging my bank account this time!


  1. Yay!! Good for you for signing up for the dating website. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Hope you meet someone wonderful!

    Congrats on getting your meds covered. That is awesome!

    1. I forgot about that "nothing ventured, nothing gained" saying. Thanks for the encouragement as I busily second-guess myself. :)

  2. A lot of good moments in here Abigail, you took some big steps. It just boggles my mind how expensive medication can be..I know a lot goes into research and development and probably lawsuits have something to do with prices but pharmaceutical companies must make so much money. My migraine medication cost $30 a pill. My insurance covers 9 pills a month and that is usually enough but if it isn't I am just out of luck and have to suffer or hope I have one saved up from the last month. My sister actually cannot take the dosage of medication that her doctor prescribed because her insurance company put a cap on dosage they will pay essentially even if you do have insurance, the insurance companies are able to limit your care. I am glad you were able to make use of a patient assistance program Abigail.

  3. Yeah, medication prices and insurance and medical care is a lot more complicated than just whether or not you have insurance. One of mine cost $100 WITH insurance. I'm sorry you and your sister are limited by your insurance.

  4. Abigail, so glad about the medication and the other good things going on. Congrats on joining the dating website--I hope you have fun and meet someone great!