Monday, October 10, 2011

Second posting for today

I realize that I have already written today. But this time I'm experimenting with the whole "think positive thoughts" advice. I will try to write a positive entry and see if it helps my mood.

I like:
Toddler art, especially finger painting with multiple colors.
Sarcastic humor (but not just any sarcastic humor)
Talking to my guinnea pig
Watching movies at home
Studying phonetics and transcribing into IPA font - i.e. specific symbols for each sound, not necessarily the same as how we would write in English.
The book, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen
Trying to think of art activities for my toddlers to do based on this new "bear" theme
Singing with the "big" (3 to 5 year old) kids
A toddler's smile when their face lights up
Music (well, many kinds of music)
Being able to drive and having a car that works
Computers that I can use at the library
Eating supper with friends
Dancing (again, certain kinds)
Ummmmm, I like the word "um," even if it isn't a word
I really like that our group final paper is turned in now!

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