Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When I learned about numbers of words, I started counting the number of words or meaningful word parts (morphemes) that "my" kids said. "I jumping" would be three morphemes. And "ing" has grammatical meaning (I think it belongs in a category with a special name which I don't remember right now).

Now, with the grammar class, my evaluation changes. So-and-so used "but" to connect two sentences; great conjunction usage! That child used a preposition. Oh, what fun. Aren't you jealous.

Here is my short complaint about my college education (it comes up every once and awhile). Sometimes questions give away other questions' answers. When I get those right, it may not mean that I understand the material. It might only mean that I'm good with test-taking logic.

Here is my second short complaint. Why do I get such high scores without working so hard for them (except for the defeat-the-depression-enough-to-do-a-little-schoolwork work, which can be hard)? I get told good job, etc. But I didn't do much. I'm not sure why this bothers me, but it does.

Back to uncomplaining, ... okay, I'm a bit grumpy for no complaints.

I get to learn to transcribe a sound that I don't use but other English speakers do. Makes me want to rent a tv show that had a lady that really pronounced that sound. Maybe I'll talk with that accent for a while, too.

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