Sunday, December 30, 2012

Princess and frog

Some friends gave me a gift card, which was really so, so nice, because I can spend it on something "beautiful" like they told me to without feeling guilty that I'm not spending it on gas or something else that isn't even sold at that store. So I got a flower ring (on a really great, more than half off sale).

Before that, my aunt gave me the frog ring for Christmas time.

Together, they can be the princess and the frog story.

And I'm really into jewelry just now, which, by the way, isn't exactly normal for me.

I got a necklace from Target that is their "Be Brave" necklace, with the engraving, "I am always with you Be brave have courage and love life". The box is even better, if such a thing is possible. It says, "With the courage to live life comes the gift to love life." You can look it up on Target's website. I don't want to include a link, because that seems like the equivalent of an invitation for spam.

Today, I'm wearing the necklace and the flower ring (which I think of as my princess ring, also). This morning, the depressed thoughts stopped in for a visit. Good old "wanna die" junk, that comes sometimes without even being an honest feeling. So I keep quoting my necklace to myself; "Be brave, have courage, and love life." Of course, I don't exactly feel loving towards life right now. It's more like, "Be brave, have courage, and embrace life." And I am banking (emotionally) on the idea that "with the courage to live life comes the gift to love life" from the box.

So it is its own Princess and the frog story. I'm the princess, life is the frog, sometimes cute, but sometimes ugly. And I'm gonna embrace it anyway. And I'm counting on life changing from the ugly toad into something attractive and enjoyable. Please, please please please please. And if for some reason, it doesn't, I'll count on the after life being absolutely great.

And I'm trying to figure out what caused this down-turn in my mood. The messed up schedules with the Christmas time holidays? The cold I got (that is almost gone)? Too much time alone? Too messy of a house?

I think I'll go for trying to spend some in-person time with people (now that I've just about finished blogging for the day - maybe). And meanwhile, I'll keep embracing life.


  1. I love your rings! I love jewelry, too, especially when it's meaningful to me. Good for you for embracing life. I love the message of the necklace (and the box).

  2. Be brave, have courage, and love life

    I love this!!!

  3. The rings are lovely. It's interesting that you're into jewelry right now - this can only be a good thing. :)

    I like how you distinguish between loving life and embracing life. Love makes me think of emotions - but embrace, ah, that's an action, something we can do despite what our minds say. Thanks for this wonderful and encouraging post, Abigail.

  4. I love your rings! I also love the necklace's meaning.

    I wear a lot of necklaces that mean something to me. Either a Celtic symbol for balance or a cross or a Celtic symbol for love... just anything that comforts me.

  5. Fun rings! Yes, you ARE the princess. By the way, love your new pic on the blog! I hope 2013 goes really well for you and that you find lots of joy.