Thursday, December 20, 2012

late for an appointment but it turned out fine

Well, the answer is, no, I can't wear my frog ring on my finger for more than a couple hours without it starting to bother me. But it is a really cool ring, so I'm trying to tough it out.

Yesterday, I was late for my psychiatrist appointment. Really late.

But it wasn't so bad.

I first started running late when I saw that getting my mood chart ready for the dr was taking me longer than I expected. Then I started pushing it on allowing plenty of time (typically an hour, as that is a nice round number). Because I worked SO hard (well, actually just plain hard) on my chart thing, I wanted to print it, so I cut 6 minutes into my hour getting it printed. Probably still okay, but snow was falling, and my "premonition" was to skip printing and just start driving. So maybe I was going to be guilty. I didn't know yet.

Then, of course, I came to "road work" signs on the highway. But I assured myself that wouldn't hold me up long, since I had passed that earlier in the day coming home from work. So we passed that. But people were still driving slowly. And there was an accident on the opposite side of the highway (divided highway), so I knew for sure it was slippery.

Then came the gap in the weather. No snow, okay roads. Maybe I would make it in time after all.

Then came the sign saying there was a "collision" ahead, so watch for stopped traffic. So I pondered why they used the word "collision" on a light up sign that had limmited space, and how it sounded less disturbing than "crash," but why didn't they use the word "accident." Meanwhile, I counted the miles to said "collision" and hoped it would be gone when I got there.

And then, I got near there, and had the priviledge of driving 2 miles per hour on the freeway. This continued until I was pretty positive I couldn't possibly get there on time. Then I called.

Thankfully, the receptionist said I wasn't the only one caught there. Well, not thankful that someone else was experiencing bad traffic, but that I wasn't the only one who didn't leave early enough to avoid it? Okay, the thankfully is just that maybe it meant I wasn't so guitly.

Well, by the end, I was just trying to make it to the office in time to pick up my patient assistance medication before they closed, as I had already passed both the start and the end of my scheduled time.

And then the dr. called to see where I was (in the parking garage at that point), and he told me to come on up. So he saw me half an hour late, when the office would normally close. I am definitely thankful for that.

Though I was also mentally prepared for just picking up my medication.

Anyway, it was a good appointment. He thought I was doing even better than in September, at least depression-wise. And I'd agree.

My anxiety has been worse sometimes recently (worse than I wish, not necessarily worse than in September), and sometimes simultaneously with my anxiety my depression spike. But the depression typically drops again when the anxiety does. And I don't feel equally anxious all the time; sometimes I feel pretty good and other times it goes up.

Well, now, (as usual for when I'm blogging), I'm hungry.

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