Tuesday, February 5, 2013

med dose increase

Well, I got hold of my doctor. And his recommendation was what I expected; raise the SSRI dose (I wasn't at the upper limit of normal for this SSRI yet, since I seemed to be doing well enough before we reached the higher normal dose, so now I will be taking the higher normal dose). And call back in a week or two if I don't feel better.

I plan on feeling better? No, can I really feel better? What a strange notion! I'm hoping, though.

The stress from this semester doesn't seem to be receding like I had hoped. It is receding, just not as much as I'd like. The OCD plagiarizing scare turned into a more general anxiety infestation, which is better in that the emotional pain isn't as pointed, but worse in that I find it harder to counter attack. Nonetheless, I'll take the more spread-out, less disturbing anxiety instead of the OCD plagiarizing issue.

Which I get to see how I'm doing on in a few moments when I summarize my research information.


  1. Wishing you better days ahead....good for you for contacting your doctor!

  2. I'm glad you contacted your doctor. I hope the different dose helps and that you're feeling better soon. I know how it is--sometimes it's hard to imagine feeling better. But you will.