Sunday, February 24, 2013


I said I wanted to play music at church about once a month. So this week was my week. But it was work this week. I'm going through my not so unusual weekend mood dip, but at least it is just a dip and not a plunge this weekend. I know I could have called and said I needed the day off playing music, but why? Would it have helped? Probably not. If I was playing every week, I'd have to reconsider, but I'm free now for another month, so all is well. Besides, I wanted to give the gift of a day off to some of the people who usually play every Sunday.

I'm tired. I'm too warm, but that is a good thing, sort of. I got a new winter coat! (If you need one, this might be a good time to check the stores: mine was 80% off!) And I love my new coat and want to wear it, but it is very warm (I don't like to be cold), so since I'm wearing it inside, I'm very warm.

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Abigail, I'm glad you made it through the music today. I'm sorry about your mood dip, but as you say, at least it wasn't a plunge.

    Sounds like a great deal on your winter coat!

  2. How wonderful that you went and served at church even though it was hard for you! What a blessing you must have been to everyone.

    Congrats on the new coat! Hugs.