Saturday, March 23, 2013

a garden!

It has been quite the second half of a week. A disagreement at work, getting my hours significantly reduced, looking for a new job. Great, just great. Just what I wanted, more stress in my life. Right now.

I did enjoy having Friday off. I worked on a number of stressful things, but I still felt more rested when I got up Saturday morning than I usually do after working Friday. So hopefully that will help.

And, mysteriously enough, I'm even getting excited to work again Monday with my little kids.

On a positive note, I rented a plot in a community garden! I live in an apartment, so I'm really excited about this opportunity. It is a 4x8 foot raised bed, and I can plant corn (doesn't always grow well here, but it is pretty) and carrots and peas and beans and lettuce and flowers! I love flowers. In a lazy kind of way, since I usually don't go out of my way to work with them. But this summer, I'm going to have a garden!

This should also help with socialization. I'm looking forward to spending time in a shared garden working alongside other people who share an interest in gardening.

And I can even be of service without spending a million dollars. They ask people to make donations of extra produce and then deliver those to soup kitchens and food banks. Yeah, the very places I could go myself. But this way I can add produce (assuming my food grows) without spending money that I should really spend on my own food (well, unless I buy seeds, but that is a little different). I somehow think it would be weird for me to give money to a food bank while I'm on food stamps myself.

Another accomplishment of the day (aside from washing and drying my laundry so that it can sit in clean heaps in baskets on the floor, and aside from getting together with my family) was painting more furniture for my dollhouse. I learned that mixing acrylic paint with water does produce a product that I can paint onto wood that looks like staining (but is cheaper). My dollhouse is looking really neat!


  1. Sorry for the stress, but great news about the garden! Growing food is so satisfying!

  2. I'm excited about your garden! There are so many positives about it: getting outside, watching nature at work, being a part of nature, getting good food, socializing, etc.

  3. I am so sorry about the work stress!

    I am very happy for you about the community garden! I hope you love it!

    We have one here on campus that we can all partake in but...well, honestly my OCD and phobias keep me away. It sounds fun and rewarding but I don't think I could handle it right now with all my other responsibilites. In other words, I'm willing to work on bug phobias and dealing with dirt and fertilizers and all that and work through my fears but I don't think this is the right year for me.