Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm glad I called my therapist. She talked with me about it (see previous post), and she offered to call my psychiatrist the next day (today). Some of my thoughts were not substantiated since I hadn't asked him particular questions. But I think I still present better than I might feel when I see the psychiatrist - actually, I tend to feel pretty good when I see him and only want to cry afterwards. Anyway, my hope was given a boost when I talked to her.

And my anxiety was given another thing to bug me about. Did I say the right things, am I making too big a deal out of this, etc.

But no problem; my anxiety mostly switched topics to my current virus. Saw my regular doctor again today. I wanted to know how contagious I am and what precautions I should be taking. So somewhat OCDish. But after talking to him, I have somewhat solved that issue (not OCDish, since OCD likes to keep bothering you after you get clarity on an issue). So I feel better about that.

I plan to plant my garden today. I have to stop by the store to get some seeds and some violets. Possibly, the frost will return and kill my violets, but I think it is worth the risk. I want to see flowers blooming in my garden, now! :)

And I don't have to freak out about sharing my germs. I just need to avoid kids and not shake hands until Monday. Other than that, I can be around people. What a relief. Grounding myself to my little apartment wasn't helping my mood, especially since this virus is more annoying me that making me feel flat out sick. Sore throat, bit of a rash. Doesn't stop me from wanting to be out and about.

And my therapist said she'd call me after trying to contact my psychiatrist. So things are looking up for the moment. And next week, work will start back up to distract me until my next counseling appointment Wednesday.

Oh, and school is looking up, too. I really should be able to graduate next spring without taking more than 7 credits each semester. Hurray!


  1. Abigail, I'm so glad talking with your therapist helped. Now you can focus on feeling better and enjoying planting your garden!

    I think I present better to my psychiatrist than I feel sometimes, too. I don't know if I want to make a good impression, please him, or what.

  2. So happy you got to talk with your therapist. Hope you start feeling better soon!

    I also got gardening stuff together this week - hoping for lots of basil. :)

    P.S. I nominated your blog because you are brave and honest.