Friday, April 5, 2013

this, that, and photos

Do you ever start clicking back and forth from one window to another to another and back again in your internet browser? I do sometimes. It is irritating because it slows the computer down on top of being inefficient and basically a way for me to spin my wheels and get nowhere. Indecision? Absentmindedness? Forgetfulness? Who knows. Maybe it is visible evidence of my brain's decline as I try to multitask. Pardon me as I go check out the square foot gardening page again.

Back again, while I wait for a new page to load.

Anyway, I worked a 5 day work week, which is very good for my paycheck. And okay for me. Thursday, I thought it was my last day, so I had that encouragement through the (rough) morning. Then I got home and felt sad about what I was going to do with all my time with the long weekend, and then I got asked to work Friday. So that is just about perfect, especially since today was a pretty smooth day.

Mood-wise, I feel all mixed up this week. Relieved one minute when something scarey is resolved, happy the next (resulting from relief?), but then a little later, something will bother me, and I'll be thinking depressed thoughts. Perhaps a little like the weather... rain, clouds, sun, wind, dry, wet, cold, warm. Yup, sounds like me and the weather both.

I finished collecting my Playmobil family for my dollhouse. Which reminds me: when in doubt of what to say, upload pictures!

I think I mentioned my new furniture made from one of those kits with wood pieces you put together into models, or in this case, doll house furniture. "Staining" the wood with watered down paint was fun, but seems to have lightened after it dried - probably wasn't fully dry when I took the photo. The wood sink and high cupboard in the background are the original wood color.
More of my wood furniture - I've only painted the piano and stool in this picture, and I haven't finished the keys on the piano yet.
And the daffodils are just a bonus picture unrelated to my dollhouse except my their aesthetic quality.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I like how it turned out, too, except I would like it a tad darker.

  2. Your dollhouse is so neat! I love miniatures. I wonder if I had a dollhouse if my cats would bother it? Hmmmm---probably. :-)

    1. Thanks.
      Maybe you could put a sheet of hard plastic in front of the rooms so the cats couldn't get in?