Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So the depression is finally giving me a break for a few days. This way I actually care more about things, and if I care, it's easier to get anxious. Oh, what fun.

But anyways! I got new glasses and can see better. That's SO nice. Even though the change in prescription wasn't that much.

I turned in my scariest paperwork for the moment - or for last moment, now I have more that could be done that is scarey. But I think it is a little bit less scarey, but still scarey enough that I might choose to fill it out with a friend around. I finished the first scarey paperwork by doing part of it with the lady who gave it to me, procrastinating until the week it was due, finishing almost all of it in my counselor's office, and finally calling a friend and talking until I was ready to complete the last part at home. But I DID it! I'm choosing to call (most of) the time w/other people as support. Okay, so some reassurance was gained, but I still had to do it and did it. One doctor told me it was okay to borrow my counselor's brain because mine can tend to race off into some unhelpful place. Reassurance and support are close, but support is a good thing. And really, I had to get the paperwork done! We can do more ERP later.



  1. I didn't mean to leave a hanging and.

  2. Hey! Glad you've been feeling better lately. I like the idea of borrowing your "counselor's brain" sometimes. My therapist has always told me that I could imagine him there on my shoulder telling me how he would recommend doing things, if that helps. And sometimes it does help to consider how he might suggest I deal with a difficult situation!

  3. I have "borrowed my counselor's brain" many times! It's like training wheels. You do whatever you can do now, and even if the steps seem small, sometimes that's the only way you can move.