Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It seems to me that exposures come quite readily without my seeking them out. Going to the gym to exercise is an exposure all by itself (because I might die if I go. No, I don't know how that would logically happen). Then work, particularly a work change coming up. So I sort of brought it on myself but I am SO SCARED!!!! Not for any super good reason. Well, anybody would probably feel scared, so I guess I just need to not let fear paralyze me. But really, I took last week off, remember? And this week I have to deal with this????

So my weekend of stability has run into an anxiety challenge. The kind of anxiety that robs me of a normal night's sleep - not to mention potentially steeling my appetite. Oh, great. So I did a thought challenge thing where I wrote my thoughts and feelings and cognitive distortions and more logical response. Helped some. But does that make it a compulsion? The questions never end! Hence the fact that I'm almost never bored.

And with the anxiety, the depression tries to gain a better foothold.

Oh, well. The sun is shining, and I have exercised today, and I'm going to work despite my fear, and I could go to a support group tonight if I choose to, and so I can accomplish my list of to-dos for the day.


  1. Try to find a great movie, show, or book to enjoy when you're feeling really anxious. I guess you could consider that to be running away from the anxiety instead of facing it head on, but I find that really I am just replacing the anxiety with something funny or thoughtful or interesting, and often after I'm done with the activity the anxiety has calmed. And even if it comes back, I've at least gotten a short reprieve!

  2. i find ur blog amazing, i understand how u feel. the only way i seem to get thru things is by just doing them, because if i think to much i just debilitate myself further.