Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mad lib obsessions

The depression might have stabilized. I'm assuming so until otherwise notified for more than a few hours. What a pleasant surprise that the break from work helped. My counselor said that sometimes people need that rest.

So the OCD is having fun. What used to be a miserable obsession has become a mad lib game. The color(s) and substance to be used keeps changing. I'm in danger from an orange and purple panda bear, or orange and green spinach, or purple and green giraffes. Who knows. It is all very funny. Especially since these objects aren't readily available and dangerous.

But I'm back to work - the purple and pink panda bears don't interrupt too much. And the absence of the feeling that my emotions are about to hijack me and slam me this or that direction, that is nice. Dispite a stressful day at work. :)

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