Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another day. Today I got off work early! Which is good, because I think a little less stress in my day might be helpful.

I overheard a conversation in which it sounded like taking medication for anxiety was as effective as the right antibiotic for a sinus infection. I felt like that was unfair. Maybe it happens for some people, and I'm glad for them. Then there are the others of us who try multiple medications before finding a good fit. And I know, there are others who don't find a good fit. I'm still hoping I'm not one of those. I want medication to work for me.

As I mentioned, I'm switching my SSRI from fluoxatine to fluvoxamine (if I got their names right). This is a change that I wanted. But it has left me feeling like I felt in the dark months of September and October, no longer "stable." I guess that makes sense. Suppose the fluoxatine did do some good even though it didn't get me better than moderately depressed. Then going off of it, I could expect to return to severely depressed. Meanwhile, though I've started the fluvoxamine, I'm not on a high enough dose yet to help me (at least not to help the ocd). So maybe it's a rough transition to something better. Or maybe it's a rough transition to another medication dead end. But let's be hopeful for the moment. This should get better, and I'm seeing my psychiatrist Friday.

Then there is the Seroquel complication. The Dr. said something about the fluvoxamine potentially raising the dosage of the Seroquel, which could make me more tired (or I missunderstood him and he said something else). Yeah, I'm more tired. But I've been having trouble sleeping at night, so I'm not sure what to blame. We'll see what happens Friday.

Anyway, I'm happy for a break from work, and I intend to finish watching a movie that I started last night.

(Speaking of starting and delaying finishing things, I didn't used to be able to read fiction books at night and reliably put them down before reaching the end, but recently I've been able to for a longer stretch than normal.)

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