Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I got the oil changed in my car. I know that doesn't sound like much. Especially since I just went to one of those quick places and they did the work. Then I told a few friends, and I was so proud of myself because I had actually taken my car in to get the oil changed and they looked at me like, "what on earth could be scarey about that?" I talked to my counselor about it today, and she said it made perfect sense that it scared me with my ocd and that it made perfect sense that my friends wouldn't understand because they don't have ocd. Simple, really. ?

Now I got another cold. I was healthy for two or three days this weekend, in case anyone wonders. Really. So it didn't last... oh, well.

I have a test tonight. And yes, I'm a bit worried. Because I probably won't get 100% and I like to get at least 96% but I probably won't get that either. Because it's not multiple choice and the teacher isn't the easiest grader. But I'll work on being content with "good enough" (Ha! Only 100% used to be "good enough". But I'm changing my standards, so there!!!). Good enough when I have a cold and probably an ear infection and depression and ocd both in the moderate range and I'm working 30ish hours a week and I think I've run out of excuses, but I just need to do a decent, not perfect job. We'll see how that works out.

Now off to eat my yucky spaghetti (just because I told my counselor I'm eating, that doesn't mean I have to like my food!). And take my test. And sleep for lots and lots of hours hopefully before working tomorrow.

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