Saturday, February 12, 2011

tired Saturday

I saw Mr. Psychiatrist and he changed my dose and wants to see me next week. I like that. A week seems so much more doable than two weeks, which is still so much more doable than a month. Because I can make it for a week.

Mr. Psychiatrist took perhaps a more serious view than Ms. Therapist. And I think I side with him (but after all, I'm good at taking the scareyer view). So I'm busy being med-compliant and treatment-compliant. That means (to me) that I'm commited to getting help when I need it and taking action to keep myself healthy (such as watching a movie, reading a book, going to the store, etc., for my mental health). Exposure Response Prevention? Some day, some day, maybe. For now, I'm just keeping going.

Last night my ear kept me awake. I thought to myself that maybe if my ear didn't hurt OR my brain wasn't so agitated, I could sleep, but as it was, it was a chore to fall asleep. And I had been planning on catching up on sleep today! So instead I'm moving sleepily along with what is probably an ear infection and tiredness and more tiredness and more tiredness. Because I like nine and a half hours of sleep much better than seven and a half. But my brain has been kinder to me than it was the early half of the week, so let me not complain too much.

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