Sunday, February 6, 2011

happy Sunday. To you. I'm having a bad day. Got myself to actually go to Sunday School (i.e., not sleep in so late), but then I was sitting there going cross-eyed (which happens when I'm really tired). My counselor didn't like my "this good thing happened, but ..." style of writing. She wants me to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I think it's ocd bugging me right now, but I'm not possitive (haha, that makes it even more likely to be ocd, doesn't it?). Distraction seems to work best. Watch a movie, read a book, sleep.

But my sleep has changed. To waking up multiple times and dreaming disturbing dreams. Shall I blame this on the new medication, transitioning off of Prozac, my cold, or something else? Who knows. But Friday I see my psychiatrist again. I can manage until Friday. Right? Or maybe I should resort back to the "call a friend" method. Find somebody who isn't already busy on Super Bowl Sunday?

It's the good old, I-feel-aweful state, but I think I just have to plow through it. One step at a time.

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  1. I do that "good thing but" a lot. My therapist said to try "a good thing happened, and. . ." "I went to Sunday School, *and* I was going cross-eyed." Sometimes it helps nudge me to give myself a little bit of credit for doing something hard for me. Sundays have been a bad day for me in the past--a whole chain of "I'm going to ruin the day. Oh, no. I did ruin it. Will I ever feel better? It can't be salvaged." It feels hard plowing through, but sometimes I have to take the plunge and say, "Yeah, it's a bad day, but I'm going to do something I want to anyway."