Tuesday, May 29, 2012

another episode in the "Abigail and the Hematologist" saga.

I see I haven't written in a while. My mood is very... strong right now, whatever I am, I am very that. Very tired. Very okay. Very depressed. I switch between these slowly, as in, over a few hours or a day. That is slow compared to switching in a matter of minutes. Over all, I've been doing remarkably well.

Recap. Last week on Tuesday at about 2:15, I got a phone call. This one is just so great, I have to share. "Hello?"

"Hi, Abigail? Did you know that you had a bone marrow biopsy scheduled for today at two o'clock?"

Mmmhmm. Special. Especially as it makes major miscommunication number three (not counting billing issues) with this doctors' office. The first incident was in December, the, oh, you have lots of tests... followed by my, "what tests are these?" followed by,... "bone marrow..." followed by, "I never agreed to that... The doctor didn't even talk to me about that..." accompanied by high stress and anxiety, which, as you all know, I clearly need more of. That must be why I'm getting it from the doctors' office.

Second incident, April. Phone call, "Did you know you were scheduled to have your blood tests taken yesterday?" Um, no, they said they would call me closer to time and schedule it with me then. I hadn't realized that meant they would call me after the time for which they scheduled me. But that was not too difficult to recover from. I took the tests, then got the results that my stupid anemia is up to no good again (but very stable in it's no-goodness, so the nurse let me know I didn't need to freak out). I waited for the doctor's oppinion, and was told that I should take the blood tests again on May 29th. They even gave me a date this time.

But then they called me a week before that, having expected a bone marrow biopsy. They should have told me about it, she said. She did grant that there had obviously been a miscommunication. She wondered if I could still come in that day, but I would need a driver. Could I get a driver and come in?

Anyway, I raised my, I why do I need a bone marrow biopsy question (you know me and asking too many questions... well, actually, I really do ask too many questions, but this wasn't one of them). This time, I actually got to talk to the doctor on the phone. Apparently, being miss-scheduled so severely has some small advantage. He let me start by just taking blood tests. That I was willing to do.

But I was all freaked out. Did I need a bone marrow biopsy? My insurance ends in under two months. And I was getting ready to move. And my depression, spiked by the rainy weather and moving, was not at all pleased with the medical issue-financial issue added in. Talk about how to move your depression from the mild category to the moderate category with perhaps a touch of severe.

Oh, and included in my stressful list was that I hadn't yet been approved for the apartment I was about to (hopefully) move into.

The good news is, once the sun started coming out and I got approved for the apartment, I started feeling much, much better.

I am scheduled to see a new hematologist for a second opinion tomorrow. This one is with a different doctors' office.

Also, the previous one called me about my test results. Due to rising hemoglobin levels, I'm off the hook for a bone marrow biopsy - he has other, less serious tests higher on his list now.

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