Monday, May 7, 2012

dentist, moving, and classroom arrangement

I was just at the dentist. One side of my face is numb. Not the entire side, but still too much of it. :) I could feel myself being very tense during the whole numbing and cavity-fixing experience. I tried to relax a bit, but didn't even try to completely relax myself. And one of the shots to numb me really hurt (not really, really hurt, just actually hurt). Still hurts. Too close to my jaw, maybe?

So it's a good thing I called about an apartment option before getting my face numbed, when my words sounded completely normal.

I'm moving. I've got a few weeks, but it's coming. Closer, closer. I need to go through the Christmas decorations. Actually, I bought most of the ornaments (from a thrift store). Very few are my room-mates. But she asked that I go through them so that I pull out the ones I want before she sells the rest at a garage sale. I guess that's fair warning. I don't think she's as good at remembering whose is what. She wouldn't intentionally sell things of mine that she knew I wanted, but I've got to get my stuff out of the way. But she was up front about that. :)

I would like to have a couple days overlap between the place I move out of and the place I move into. That would help for me moving.

I was imagining it earlier today, moving, I mean. Imagining the moment when I'd have to stay in my new place. It made me feel scared and insecure. But I've dealt with that before. The same thing happened when I moved into my current apartment. I moved my stuff in, and then I went home to my parents and spent one more night with them. I was sick, too. That was a bit of an excuse. But faced with the actual move, I wasn't quite ready. That extra night at home helped. Anyway, I dealt with it before, but not so long before that it was before facing the OCD issue. That bodes well for the next time I face it.

I got my classroom set up in a way I like it! I've wanted a shelf, even to the point of considering bringing one of my own from home (a free one that was rescued by my sister from a garbage pile). But today, my boss saw what I had done so far and said she had a shelf they weren't using much downstairs. So I got the shelf! So now my classroom has toys down where the kids can get them themselves. It was a case of different styles of day care set up. The style I learned in college had a supply of toys down. My classroom had them all up. It isn't that big a deal in that children can be well cared for either way. But now I feel like I'm doing a better job, just because I have the shelves set up. Now I'm closer to the current theory on the "best" way to set up a child care room. Now, let's see if we can survive the current theory, or if we will all grow to regret the shelf of toys. Oh, well, it wouldn't be too hard to put back. The hardest thing about getting rid of the shelf again would be dealing with it in my mind, and, well, my mind is just going to have to deal with some stuff.


  1. Abigail, I hope your tooth feels better soon. That numb feeling is not a good one, I know.

    I hope the process of moving goes smoothly and that you like your new apartment. Will you be living by yourself in the new apartment?

    You sound like you're feeling pretty good, besides the numbness. Hope you are!

  2. Oh, I hate that numb feeling. Well, I hate going to the dentist, but that is a whole other OCD subject!

    I know moving can be scary. It can also be an exciting adventure too. It's a chance to start over and it can be fun to decorate a new place. I'll be interested to hear how the move goes.