Tuesday, May 8, 2012

apartment searching

There is this in-between land. Too healthy to qualify for some services, to ill to quite make it as a healthy person. Too poor to afford housing etc, but too rich to qualify for help?

My "riches" this time come in the form of my having taken twelve credits last semester. Disqualfied me for at least one subsidized housing option. My job, however, would qualify me easily. So how, I wonder, are students supposed to find housing? Are we supposed to be taking out loans to pay for our housing, when if we were just smart enough to take one class less, we would be able to get assistance now and at least slow down our debt accumulation process? Are we all supposed to have relatives and live with them, regardless of our age or current situation or even the location of these relatives? And here we are, accumulating debt since we either aren't patient enough or aren't holy enough (I don't really think this is the problem for me, just now; don't worry) or just aren't something enough to pay for our schooling as we go (while we work our minimum wage jobs not quite full time, since we actually want to pass our classes and avoid a visit to the psych unit of the local hospital - which would add to our debt again, by the way). Anyway, I think I'm here complaining about money.

There is one thing I really like about the Bible verse Matthew 6:26 about God providing for the birds and even more for us. It points out that the birds aren't farming for their food. They aren't working for it. And God is still feeding them. I don't mean that everyone should go quit their jobs; I mean that I don't have to worry about if I'm working "enough."

So back to my money complaints, I guess the complaints don't help much except for amusing me. I did find a possible place to live, but my dear Mr. Guinnea Pig wouldn't be allowed to accompany me there. And that would be sad. I suppose I could see if he would qualify as a service animal, but that just seems, well, a little like I'm "using" my depression, and I don't want to "use" it. However, I do spend an aweful lot of money on my mental health. Probably about as much on mental health as I do for gas or for food a month.

Oh, well. Maybe that's enough money talk for now. The One feeding the birds will... I don't even really know what He will do, since I don't exactly see a guarentee that He will make sure every person has an apartment. But somehow, it will work out.


  1. That verse has somewhat always confused me. I think people can get confused by "what we need" and "what we want" and others make bad choices. But I know there are also hardworking folks who can't get housing and children starving in the world so that is where I wonder. I know some folks that can't make the rent or buy groceries cause they gamble at the casino all the time and that is dumb, their kids are dressed shabby and don't get to eat well and it makes me so mad.
    My husband and I were able to help our kids with their college costs but I know there are people who have to use their loans for housing and that has to be really difficult. Education is so important, so you have your priority straight and I hope you are able to find some suitable and safe housing soon.

  2. Abigail, I hope the process of finding a suitable apartment opens up soon. That is frustrating to be making too much money for assistance but not enough to do what you need to do. You have a good attitude, and something will come along.

  3. Yes, somehow everything will work out. God will take care of you.

  4. Oh, I've been there, when it looked like nothing would work out. So many times. The weird thing is, it always does work out. Not necessarily the way we think or want it to, but it does. I do believe God will provide for you. You're right - there are no guarantees about an apartment for everyone. But there are guarantees that He loves you and cares about your situation. I care too. Just keep hanging on! You may be surprised by what happens.