Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy with a C on a test!

Well, today I decided that I was going to take my test on the Human body nervous system. I was done having the test postponed, even for good reasons like not having covered all of the material yet. Sooo, I did! And I still got a C on it (can you believe that I'm actually saying as a good, satisfactory thing?!). I got an A on the midterm, mostly Bs on the other tests. And my goal is a B, so I can handle a C after my A, especially since the test isn't worth as much as the midterm.

Also, today, I realized that I mixed two Facebook friends up when I was commenting. Rats! It wasn't a terrible mistake, but it was a bit annoying; I probably would have at least worded it differently if I realized who I was actually commenting to. But then what do you do? Say, oh, sorry, I mixed you up with someone else who has similar letters in their first name.? Or just leave it be, since the actual recipient seemed okay with what I said. So yeah, I'm leaving it be. Except for blogging about it. Some sort of OCD compulsion to confess? Or somehow, if I admit it, I feel reassured? Or maybe I'm worrying too much about what exactly I'm doing. Overthinking it, in the words I dislike. Wasting my wonderful thought-power on something not worth the time or energy? That sounds better.

Today, I also started getting irritable. When scraping my hand pulling something out of the refrigerator makes me angry. Yup, there I was in my apartment, getting mad over this and that. Knowing that if I'd just put away the text book and do something bigger than reading, I'd probably feel better. But hey, I really wanted to get that Nervous System test done. My tap dance lesson sure helped. Being upright, getting the oxygen circulating somewhere besides just my eyeballs (wait, don't they get oxygen from the air (i.e., part of it not from the lungs)? I bet if I'd studied more, I'd be able to answer that more precisely - and I don't really care! Yay for Perfectionism being taken down a notch). And then I came to do my test. And now I am chilling out, delaying my supper in a less-than-ideal way. But I don't know what I want to do to amuse myself while I eat supper, so I keep typing...

This happened last night, too. I wasn't sure if I felt sick to my stomach because I was looking at the computer too much, or if I was really hungry. Turned out I was hungry, and after I ate enough, I went to sleep normally... But I was a little late to sleep... so I think I'm hungry and tired, and that combination can sometimes produce quick, irritable anger, even if the people around me never see that I am angry!!!

Happy Monday.


  1. Yay for C's! I only got comfortable with "not A's" as I thought of them in grad school, and man, it was a HUGE relief.

    Glad you're still tap dancing, I'd love to take a class.

  2. I second poetspilgrimage--yay for Cs! And kudos to you for not letting perfectionism get in the way.

  3. Good for you Abigail, with being content with how things turned out. So, so proud of you!