Friday, January 18, 2013

Well, I got one of the bugs that is going around. It really isn't that bad, just makes me tired and ready to sit cozy on my couch. With a slight bit of worry about spreading it. And more worry about getting another bug from my work. The worry of spreading it will come up tomorrow when I decide whether or not to go to a scrap booking get-together. But I have a feeling I'll just sleep in too much and then feel lazy and have the excellent "I'm sick" reasoning to take it easy and stay home (until I want to go out for something else). But my primary motivator (or inhibitor) isn't spreading germs, so I wont worry too much about that.

My ring always turns up-side-down when I type a lot. Is that normal, or does it mean my ring is too big and doesn't fit me right?

I think I had more to say that I forgot. Oh, yeah, form-filling, honesty OCD. Yyyyuck. But it can wait for another day. :)