Thursday, January 31, 2013

keeping anxiety in its place?

When I talked to my counselor about my college-related (and non-college-related) anxieties of the last week, she kept asking what I was doing about it. And I kept saying I was just living my life.

Apparently this time, the professional speaking to me is not telling me to fake it 'til I make it. Because isn't that what just keeping living is? I do my schoolwork, even if it scares me (well, in and around putting it off, I suppose). (For example, I am putting off an assignment right now, which is probably growing scarier by the moment. But I will do it, because it is due tomorrow).

So this week, I'm trying to track "what I'm doing about it." And sweetly, she suggested a method besides ERP. Before you remind me that ERP is the super-OCD-reducing method, I'll add her justification, that a lot of my anxieties from last week were generalized anxiety, not strictly OCD.

So here's what I'm trying to do. Mindfulness.

1. Mindfulness exercises, like breathing, or focusing on my surroundings and/or how I feel inside, etc.

2. Devoting time to what it is being devoted to. Circular argument? Let me explain. When I'm at work, I don't want to worry about school. Actually, I usually don't worry about school while at work, because my job is rather draining in that it requires a lot of attention, patience and/or self-control, and effort. But then when I leave work, some of my time is for schoolwork. Like now. This is being written during my schoolwork time. But other times are for relaxing, resting, having fun. During those times, I try to not focus on schoolwork. Not in the don't-think-about-pink-elephants kind of way, but in the taking my focus and putting it back on my movie, breathing, whatever. Away from school anxieties.

And now I think I'll tackle that scarey project. It really shouldn't be too hard.

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  1. I think mindfulness and focusing on where you are in the moment are great methods for dealing with the anxiety. That question your therapist asked--what are you doing about it--is one I need to ask myself! Sometimes I need to take more initiative in dealing with the anxiety than I do.

    Good luck with your assignment! :-)