Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I'm not freaking out, I'm not freaking out, I'm not freaking out, Okay! I'm freaking out." That is the way I drove into the center of town. Ha, and I live in a small town. Immagine what I'd do in a big city (simple, I wouldn't go there unless there was a compelling enough reason).

My rough days got rougher. Sunday and Monday were pretty bad. I can't remember much of Saturday (I did sleep a good part of it), so that could be good or bad. But today, I was more hopeful, having survived yesterday. Now I just have to finish out the evening and get through tomorrow. Thursday, I see my counselor.

Yesterday, I went to a book store that was closing (my afternoon plan was to wander stores until I needed to get home to eat something in time to get to the gym for the excersize class. After that, I was free to go to bed. Ahhhh. :) But back to the book store. My weekness in buying books is actually for board books. And preferably not the lift-the-flap kind, because those get ripped in a one-year-old classroom. 9 books (carefully chosen based on appearance, educational use, price, and suspected durability) and 20 dollars later, I left the book store. Today, I brought six of them to work. The kids liked the new books, but they didn't amuse them for the hour I wanted them to be amused (okay, so that was a high expectation). I brought the books home again, too. They are my private collection that I might sometimes share. :)

Today, I got the oil changed in my car. It was first come, first serve. There were parking spaces available; several, so I could choose an easy one (i.e., not right next to any other vehicles). The office didn't smell overwhelmingly of rubber (I still am not sure how that happened since there where tires in there). They charged me a reasonable low price (as in, within a couple dollars of the cheapest in town), and tested my car to find out what the nasty sound was from. They didn't figure that out and asked me to come again another day when they had more time. They did make sure it was safe to drive (what I really wanted to know), and they didn't charge me for the diagnosing they started. I'm impressed. And it's within walking distance from my house. I think they may have won my business.

I'm really really tired. Fighting my brain can do that to me. But Thurs. I see my counselor, Lord willing. That is a managable time to fight my brain for (if it doesn't get too much worse). For the moment, I feel cheerful, actually.

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