Saturday, August 13, 2011


It occured to me perhaps 25 minutes into shopping for the right gift bag for a babyshower gift, that people actually wouldn't be analysing my choice of gift bag (too girly, too boyish, wrong animal, inaccurate baby when it's for two babies, too big, too small, etc.). I did finally choose. Oh, and I didn't spend the whole 25 minutes on gift bag shopping; I got a few other things, too.

Hehe, and I went to a whole different store before that to get the gift. Trouble finding the registry. Checking to see if I could have gotten a better deal on a lawn chair at this store than the chair I've already purchased on clearance at another store. Yes, I knew it was checking to make me feel better. No, it still didn't solve the pressing question, should I or should I not have bought said lawn chair. I like it, but maybe I wasted money on it. Maybe it's a sort of stealing since I've gotten some financial assistance in another area of life. But chair aside, I found a baby gift. Off of the registry that I finally found after checking a different machine after looking for baby gifts myself after trying to find the registry on the first machine. Then, let's not forget the "is it too boyish or girlish" question (hint, if you keep thinking it's one and then the other, it's probably pretty nutral). I chose a bit quicker because I friend walked up (who was also on the babyshower gift hunt). She answered my checking question that the colors of the sippy cups were okay. She thought it was a fine gift. Somehow I felt locked into getting that gift then -some indistinct avoidance of lying? Then the, should I get more than this or not question. Which relates to the whole big question about spending money right and not missusing it... The good news is, I can make a shopping trip last a long time, so if I'm trying to kill time, I'm fairly successful.

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  1. Yay for buying a gift! I've been there, with shopping consuming large chunks of my time, with layer upon layer of questions. My ocd will never run out of factors to consider, and I declare victory if I actually buy something, no matter the noise in my head, or the imperfect fighting off of the ocd, or the lack of satisfaction with the answers to my questions or any other flack my ocd mind is generating.