Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Med change

The doctor mentioned something about my possibly needing help to sleep again on this new medication. I wasn't really surprised when I didn't sleep well last night. That could likely be "normal (for me)" worrying. I think the nausea might actually be from the new medication. And maybe part of the tiredness? But maybe not, 'cause I've been pretty tired lately.

A bit of advice; don't read a book about people having upset stomachs when yours is upset already.

So the medication testing continues. Switching from Seroquel to Abilify. Yes, I'm scared. What if the Seroquel helped more than I thought it did? What if I have a bad reaction to Abilify?

Yawn. I'm a bit too tired to worry very well today. I skipped excercising today. I'm a bit too tired for my most hazerdous thoughts. That's convenient. Back to my oppinion last fall; if I feel like a zombie (in the not-horror-film-art sense of the word), there are some mistakes that I wont make. I wouldn't want to bother. I'd just want to sleep. Or stare into space. That's pretty nice, too. But I'm bored (what? I'm saying that?). And I feel like I have a light case of the flu. Yay, med change. And tonight I want to watch a movie that I rent for about 50 cents. I'm pretty excited, in my deliberate, tired way.

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