Saturday, September 3, 2011

contamination and myself in a seven hour battle

I worked on Saturday dicing tomatos. Throws off my sense of time. And restarted the symptoms I'd blamed on the medication I just got off of. (Shaking, occasional twitches.)

Working in a kitchen where I've worked before, for money, for a bunch of people to eat, that is a great OCD invitation. All things considered, I think I did well. Only one extra glove change (I think the other people forgot to notice and there was a "touched which touched which touched" contamination. Hmmm, looks more rediculous when I write it out.)

I diced tomatos, as I said (though not the whole time). I had some good self-talk. I'm proud of myself. I would worry about something (not getting it quite right) and then think, do you think other people always get it "right"? It helped to remind myself that the issues I faced were faced by other people (even if they don't realize it). The boss complimented my tomatos, which made me think, oh, no, now I have to live up to that. But I was able to remember that she liked the job I was already doing, so I didn't need to change it.

So, now my body says it's stressed out (studying quickly and taking a test after work wouldn't have anything to do with that...). But I got my big two tasks done today (test and work).

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  1. Yay for getting your tasks done! I could have written much of this post myself--especially the "oh, no, do I have to live up to that??" question which seems to come up when I actually accomplish something. Your self talk sounded right on--and no, you don't have to have the *exactly right* self talk all the time. . .