Friday, September 2, 2011

sweet house and checking - unrelated

Hey, let's check it five more times. Since the zeros on the account balance that my eyes saw, well, maybe they were not zeros. Yeah, I looked several times, but maybe I should check it again. Or I could play ERP. "The account balance is really something above zero, and you will be dropped from your classes and blah, blah, blah, it will be very disturbing, and then..." I like making up funny endings, but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to. "And then..." Somehow, misteriously, this will cause me to be in debt the rest of my life? My depression will strike really hard and I'll end up in the locked part of the hospital again? I'll never get to take classes again? But those don't seem to follow the "reasonable" consequesnces part of what if my fears came true. Really, they sound like fears themselves. More reasonably, I'd get re-signed up and would keep taking my beloved Phonetics and Language Science classes. I love them, so far, as rediculous as that may be. This makes studying pleasant, or at least close to enjoyable. (Fighting with computers, not so fun.) (This does not mean I won't complain about studying later.)

 Home sweet home. This (both pictures above) is the edible house I entered in the fair. Got third place with no competition at all (the only one there. How do I pick those?). Below is my practice try.

I think the first house was cuter. I mean, aside from the fact it was falling down and the "dirt" was melting into the icing and the door was falling/fell off and the back and other side were just bare graham cracker, and the icing wasn't stable, and it is tacky enough that it probably would have gotten a worse rating at the fair. It still is more cute. Better colored. Not one of those perfect little houses with perfect grass and no dandelions or bare spots or anything. What? I'm still bitter about neighbors having had better yards when I was in elementary school?

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  1. I like both houses but agree, the one with more character is better!!