Saturday, September 10, 2011

I think I'm getting an ear infection (you're surprised, right? :)
That is why I should not blow my nose (i.e., so I can get a sinus infection instead?). Maybe it will go away if I ignore it (and take a decongestant). I think I've gotten rid of a few that way. I'm guessing a 50-50 chance either way.

School is going better than I expected (except that right now I really want to be doing jumping jacks instead of transcribing the phonetic consonants in a list of 50 words. Yay. (As in, I just did 50 and now I have 50 more.) The whole chatting online with group membors thing is going terribly for me. Yesterday, I couldn't get on at the agreed upon time, and three people met without me. I'd call that a partial success. Today, I can get on, but I'm not finding anyone else. So much for chatting. Let's go for the long, slow discussion process. And guess what else? I think I might end up the leader of the group. I took the position just to get things rolling, but keep offering to give it up. So far no-one has volunteered. So I remain leader by default unless someone volunteers in the next week or so. It's kind of fun, though, because I usually don't officially lead things, but when I take those Skills/Gifts surveys, I tend to get decent leadership scores. It was my skill/gift that I intentionally avoided using. I had the "later; I'm too young" excuse, which obviously works a little less well each year that I live.

I think that my newest med. is making my anxiety worse. However, cognative-behavoirally, I'm doing surprisingly great. That is why I'm not pacing my home or in bed crying right now but instead am typing a blog post in between homework. That and God's grace. Tuesday, I need to call the psychiatrist. But I have this problem. When I can call him, I think, oh, I'm better today, maybe I don't need to call him. When he's unavailable, I think, I really need to call him. Anyway, today I'm currently in a good mood. :) How lovely.

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